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Indie Poster by wraithdragon Indie Poster by wraithdragon
This was a gig poster I did for a client.
When it was done, and all the text laid out, and after the client had singed off on it every step of the way, they turned around decided that they wanted the whole thing changed. Oh, and they told me I was charging too much. Yep. I pointed out that they had signed off on it every step of the way, and I also pointed out how they accepted my price upfront and much time I'd put into it already, how much experience I have, and how much my time is worth. To which they responded that they had gotten a lot of hidden costs while putting this event together so now they wanted to pay less for the job. To which I politely explained how business works, and how that is so not my fucking problem, and that my fee stands, and if they wanted to completely change everything at this stage, oh and the poster was supposed to be ready for the following day, that that would be a new project and they'd have to pay me fee again, and that it'd be double because of the balls to the wall rush job so I'd charge double. If they wanted to change elements of the existing poster I'd be happy to do that, otherwise they could fuck off and I'd keep my design.

They chose to fuck off. To be fair I did actually get an apology about them trying to pay me less, and an admission that that was extremely unprofessional. So that's something. Oh and because of the way I do business I'd already gotten paid half my fee also, so that's something too.

But here's a lesson fellow freelancers;
* ALWAYS structure your terms so that you get paid in stages that the client has to sign off on, ie. initial sketches, line work, colours, typography (for posters and that sort of shit).

* ALWAYS have a clause stating that further work doesn't happen until your paid for completion of a stage, and that once they pay there's no MAJOR design changes to occur to the design they just signed off on.

* NEVER send samples above 72dpi, and largest edge dimension more than 1000px (this is a personal preference)

* NEVER hand over print ready files till you've received the final payment.

Obviously if you've worked with a client a number of times in the past then these points can be more loose. But there are people out there who will try to screw you over, do let them.

Also I am lucky that at the moment I am in a position where I can happily tell a client to go fuck themselves, which is what they get if they want to try and haggle my price at the finish line. Because that is extremely insulting, and it puts me in a right rage.

Anyway, I hope people like the poster. The design is currently for sale if anyone is interested in a gig poster. Send me a note and we can discuss details.
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Gochure Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Student General Artist
I thought i'd check out your page to see what some of your work looks like, this is great, i love the colors so much, everything about it is great. Great work man.
wraithdragon Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!

It would of been great if the client had screwed me around, as it would of been cool to see this poster up in venues and on the streets, but heh, that's just how these things go sometimes.
Reganov Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015   Digital Artist
Good shit man, too often to 'start ups' and 'event' jobs wind up having people try to pull shifty shifts. 
wraithdragon Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah man! Especially music biz peoples, they're the shiftiest of the shifty. Thankfully I'm past the stage in my Freelance career where I'll take shit from people. =)
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October 6, 2015
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